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Stewart McVicar, 2016 Man Cave of the Year Winner

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One of the categories added to the 2016 Award Show that we believe will become a fan favorite is the Best Man Cave of the Year. This years winner, Stewart McVicar, has a room to die for. No matter what sport you follow you’d be impressed with this man cave.

How long have you been a fan?

Stewart: I have been a Chicago Cubs fan since I was 8 years old. I used to watch the cartoon Superman. One day I turned on WGN and it was the Cubs were on. Harry Caray’s love and passion for the game sucked me in. Every day since I have Bled Cubbie Blue. I am a current STH and attend 50-60 Cubs games a year. My vacation is usually set seeing the Cubs on the road! I have been to over 30 MLB ballparks. I attend all of the Cubs off field Charity events…I also go to Spring Training on a regular basis. When I was younger my Mother would take my brother and I on road trips to see the Cubs. We used to stay the Cubs hotel and hang out in the lobby and get autographs. Being a Cub fan as brought my family closer because we shared a common bond. My grandparents became huge fans of the Cubs and it brought us closer. It’s not easy being a Cubs fan with the tradition of losing. However, I would not change a single thing. I am proud of it and WHEN WE WIN!!! It will mean everything!

Why should you be selected winner?

Stewart: The question I get asked from the media the most is “Am I the biggest Cubs fan?” I answer that question with a resounding “No!” I have met many, many wonderful Cubs throughout my life. People who share the same love and passion for the team as I do. I believe you get to a certain point where you can’t be more passionate or love your team anymore than you already do. Cubs baseball is like a religion. It’s like going to Church everyday. You get to know everyone at the ballpark. They become your second family! I always said what separates me from the rest of the great fans is my lifelong dream and passion project, That project is called Club 400! It’s how I chose to show my passion and love for the team. It is the #1 Chicago Cubs bar/museum/tribute in the U.S.A. MLB voted it #1 Fan Cave in 2013. I am the current 2015 Man Cave winner! It is 2,300 Square feet of all Chicago Cubs. I put my heart and soul into the 4 year long project. When I can’t go to Wrigley Field…. I walk down 12 stairs to the next best thing!

What triggered your passion for sports?

Stewart: Harry Caray triggered my love for the game. He is my idol. He lived life and enjoyed every second of it! That’s what I try to do….Live life……Work hard…. Play Hard! If I lose everything……the Cubs still play 162 games a year and we will have a chance to Win the World Series!

Favorite sports moment?

Stewart: How many fans get to have the owner of the their favorite team come to their house? Tom Ricketts wanted to what Club 400 was all about and came out and help me raise over $30,000 for a triple amputee.(Nick Sheridan!) To have Tom come over and recognize my project meant the world to me. He came all by himself! No entourage, no cameras and hung out with over 150 Cubs fans and was one of the last ones to leave. Tom is not only a great owner but he is one of the nicest guys I know!

What charities are you involved with?

Stewart: On August 24, 2013 I unveiled friends and family to Club 400. Since I was so close to the 4 year project I did not know what I had created until I saw my friends family and faces! The response was overwhelming. I decided to share this space and use it to help other Cubs fans in need. To date I have raised over $70,000 expect to eclipse the $100K mark this year. Tom Ricketts (owner of the Cubs) HOF-Fergie Jenkins, Kerry Wood have all visited Club 400. This years events is to help Anthony Rizzo’s charitable cause which is pediatric cancer. Since I am part of the VERY BEST FAN BASE in sports I want to give back to Chicago Cubs charities and Cubs fans alike, We have 1 huge event each year and my personal goal is to raise over 1 million dollars with my lifelong dream! It believe it will happen. My charity events consists of silent/live auctions, 50/50 raffles, T-Shirt sales and other unique ways to raise money. I also do other fun things on the side. This year I will be taking a 23 old who has lived in a wheelchair to 2 Cubs games!

What does your family think about your dedication?

Stewart:  My family has been extremely supportive. Especially my wife! She let me spend a large amount on Club 400. We could of bought another house at the amount I spent. I think my Mom said it best in the video link above. My love and the passion for the game is contagious! My brother (my best friend) has also been supportive of me. We work together on a daily basis. He has always said “dO it, Stu” And I have!

How important is this award recognition to you?

Stewart: An award show for Fans? I think it’s genius and long overdue. Without the fans there is nothing! All these franchises depend on the loyalists. The repeating income. The season ticket holders. The true fans will always be there WIN or Lose……. How many Cubs game have I been to that they lost? Too many to count. I deserve an award for watching bad baseball since 1981! LOL

If I won the award I would just be happy to represent my team. The Chicago Cubs. That would mean the most to me. I will never be able to play for them……so all I can d……is do my best to represent them proudly! My charity work to help Cubs fans is the best reward I can possibly get. Everything else is icing on the cake! If I win…..I will be grateful…..If I lose……well……there’s always next year!

2 thoughts on “Stewart McVicar, 2016 Man Cave of the Year Winner

  1. Stew is generous personable passionate and a truly loyal fan like myself….like our #1 life balancer along with our wives and children- we never ever give up…

  2. Awesome!!! GOCUBSGO!!!!!
    My son, Chris Jacobs alifelong Cubs fan, threw out the first pitch on August 10th and then purposed to his beautiful Ivy on the pitcher’s mound!⚾️⚾️⚾️

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