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My name is Derek Fournier. I am the founder of What the Buc, and avid Bucs fan, one of the hosts of the only Tailgate Hall of Fame tailgate in Tampa and a two-time winner (as a representative) of the What a Fan Awards Tailgate Club/Group of the year (our Charity Founder, Cheryl Stewart won last year for Outstanding Community Service). We love what What a Fan is doing to promote sportsmanship, community involvement and recognition of the very engine that drives the sports we all love so much, the fans themselves. While our passions may be for different sports, cities or even countries, that very passion that we share is rarely recognized and even more rarely, celebrated.

What The Buc Tailgate Club of the Year
Derek Fournier What The Buc

The “What A Fan Awards” is an wonderful company that shows support for all the amazing fans from all different genres.
It is so amazing that there are people out there that see all of the dedication the fans put into their favorite sports and teams. With the “What A Fan Awards” it brings people from all over this country and even the world for one thing and that is to celebrate one another through sports. Words cannot describe the joy I felt to be nominated for this year. To be a part of this amazing club is definitely a great honor and I hope the “What A Fan Awards” will continue to grow and prosper.

What A Fan Awards Nominee
Sarah Robinson Baltimore Bird Lady

You know I was not looking to make a difference in my baseball life, I was just trying to spread a little cheer when I made my first cardinals hat. The fans and friends loved it. Each year since the Cardinals have given me a theme for a opening day hat. I cannot believe that I have been making them for 10 years now. I was so honored in 2013 by the What A Fan Awards with the MLB FAN of the Year Award. Many of my Hats have been signed by Cardinal Hall Of Famers and I have many pictures with my heros. What an honor it has been to be recognized by the players and other fans. I am also very Honored to be in the First Class of What A Fan Awards recipients. I am Truly Honored to be part of the What A Fan family.

Tom Hat Guy Lange MLB Fan of the Year
Tom Lange The Hat Guy

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