Fan of the Year Award Categories

Founders Choice Award

Minnesota Vikings super fan Syd Davy in purple and gold painted faceOur What A Fan Awards Executive Producers are continuously reviewing ways to better recognize the outstanding fans providing significant impact for their teams and communities. Fans that go above and beyond the status quo and have been doing so for decades. Fans that may or may not receive or expect any attention for their actions. We believe strongly these fans we speak of are exactly the individuals that deserve to be honored in a very public forum. At the 2016 What A Fan Awards we will introduce the "FOUNDERS CHOICE AWARD."
The recipient of this Award will be announced prior to the annual Award Show. They will be Celebrate for months leading up to our annual event and honored for his or her accomplishments relating to their dedicated support of their favorite sport, team and community. We will pay tribute to them throughout the weekend of the Sports Fans Conference and their story will be told in a series of video segments throughout the evening of the What A Fan Awards. We are proud and excited to introduce this Award.


Ultimate Sports Fan

One of the events top honor. The recipient of this recognition award is an individual that follows multiple sports. This person has found a way to incorporate sports into their daily lives.  They take the term sports fanatic to new heights. Sports for this recipient is truly a lifestyle.


Community Service

Recipients of this honor display a compassion for service to others. They've demonstrated a desire to help on a consistent basis, in their communities, individuals and organizations in need. They're selfless in fans. It gives us great pride to present it to the recipients each year.



Dedicated, loyal and passionate are just a few of the qualities selected nominee's must have. Longevity and knowledge of your teams history are equally as important. Active participation with your team and a recognition that your actions are an extension of the organization. Respect and inclusiveness towards follow fans and visitors. This category is by far the most competitive, just being selected as a nominee is an honor.


Devotion and dedication, lead the list of numerous qualities that make up nominee's of this and many of the categories listed. The repetitive words we use to describe each category merely emphasizes the common factors sports fans share. Our search to honor the years top fans in each of these categories is difficult at best. There are to many qualities and factors to list that make up a deserving nominee and subsequent winner. 


Loyalty and a deep sense of pride. Nominee's of this category have a passion for their team of choice dating back generations. We look for great stories and memories, moments that have left a lasting impression on their lives. This category and the fans selected for it represents incredible dedication, baseball seasons are extremely long. Recipients of this honor are usually devoted to this sport only.

Sports Parodies

This category was introduced in 2016, fans are finding new ways to express their creative sides and parodies are a great example of that. We look for creative spoofs in all genres of sports topics, it's been an exciting new category with remarkably talented nominee's. Selected nominee's are using their talents to perpetuate their passion for sports and music. The contribution of these parodies has garnered a great deal of support and followers. The unique form of expression displayed by individuals in this category is deserving of recognition.

Super Fan

This category was recently  introduced for the  2017 show. The decision to create this category was driven by dramatically passionate men and woman that have developed incredible characters and outrageous costumes. Individuals that paint their faces, create colorful costumes or brand themselves with tattoo's of their favorite teams. These fanatics are intricate parts of the sporting experience. We will honor their commitment to the sports industry. 

Sports Blogs

The internet now affords passionate, opinionated, expressive and knowledgeable fans the opportunity to speak their minds in real time to anyone who'll listen. This category was created to shine a light on these fans that have built and impressive following and don't receive the credit for the efforts. We will be looking for content, subject matter and number of followers.    

Sports Family

This category was introduced in 2016. Families around the world are sports enthusiast, sports can be use to bond and unfortunately divide. We will honor families and couples that share their passion for sports, generation to generation. Families selected for nomination should be sports fans for at least a decade, we'd like to find people with great stories and memories of significant moments that effected their lives. Special events altered because of their passion for sports or stories including their children.

Sports Man Caves

Allocating a room in your home dedicated to your passion for sports is the ultimate show of your fanaticism. We are excited to honor individuals that have created some of the most impressive man caves you could ever imagine. The space, memorabilia, time and money spent can be costly. We will be searching for the best rooms and stories that accompany these sanctuaries for fans.