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The impact fans have on the sports industry is significant. Every year fans around the world display their dedication, the What A Fan Awards an annual recognition event honoring their spirit of commitment. Winners truly embody devotion, loyalty, passion and sacrifice for the sports they love. The Rings and Trophy’s handed out to each recipient represents all the qualities found in the ultimate fanatical fan.


Potential and selected nominees are longtime, loyal, passionate, devoted, supportive, dedicated, committed, respectful and inclusive fanatics. Selected nominee’s can be found in all genres of sports in both professional and collegiate athletics. We find these deserving fans at sporting events, thru contest held across the country, social media online and on our website.


There are sixteen categories of awards handed out each year. At the inaugural event in 2013, only seven sports fans received awards. Over the next two years we would added new categories to honor even more devoted fans. The current number of recognition awards handed out annually is a tribute to the vast variety of dedicated fans around the world. As the award show garners even more popularity, we hope to expand our categories.


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The 2016 What A Fan Awards are officially in the books. Congratulations to all the Nominee's honored and the Winners selected. This years event will certainly be remembered by all, for different reasons. We look forward to next years five year anniversary, it will be a special event for all of our past Nominee's and Winners. Click on the Categories page to see which category each of the Award Winners received their Award.


Recent Award Recipients

chicago bears tailgate da-bus

Timothy J. Shanley, 2016 Tailgate Club/Group Winner

Tailgating at sporting events has been part of the sporting experience for as long as anyone can remember. It brings […]

Milton Staton

Milton Staton, 2016 AFL Fan of the Year

The Arena Football League and its fan base has been a welcomed source of incredible Nomination selection and well deserved […]

chicago cubs sports fan behind a bar made of baseball bats

Stewart McVicar, 2016 Man Cave of the Year Winner

One of the categories added to the 2016 Award Show that we believe will become a fan favorite is the […]

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